1-21-2012 The Weekend Claw

Another weird week has passed, in the political world and in the weather around the country. Even Casa Crustacean saw today’s high temperature a whole 30 degrees colder than yesterday. We only got up to 50 today.

A) A Clinton-appointed federal judge is telling students in Arizona to sue their school districts because they have removed La Raza studies, instituted under direction of the Clinton White House, in accordance with state law. The judge is telling the students that this violates their 1st Amendment rights. Really? Advocating that large parts of the USA rightfully belong to Mexico and causing racial strife is the goal of La Raza (“The Race”, itself a racist statement), so the state is correct in saying that this advocacy should be banned from schools supported by taxpayer dollars.

B) Let’s go back to last week for a moment. The big controversy over some Marines urinating on dead terrorists is still going strong, but let’s look at it in a different way, shall we? If you wiz on a crucifix and put it in a jar of urine, you are an artist exercising your First Amendment rights and are celebrated by the American media and the Democratic Party. If you cover a painting of the Virgin Mary in elephant crrrap, you are an artist exercising your First Amendment rights and are celebrated by the American media and the Democratic Party. If you urinate and defecate all over a public park and on police cars, you are a principled member of the 99% protesting against the evil of a world that isn’t yet socialist, and you are celebrated by the American media and the Democratic Party. If you urinate on the body of a dead Islamic terrorist, you are evil incarnate and vilified by the American media and the Democratic Party. Welcome to Bizarro World.

C) I know that y’all will find this absolutely shocking, but Barack Obama is going to break the law. He flat out said to both Houses of Congress that he will indeed break federal law and give missile technology to the Soviet Unio…er, Russia, who will then pass along the information to Iran, China, and North Korea. So, which side is he on again?

D) The Malignant Dwarf is at it again. Dennis Kucinich, who is perhaps the only member of Congress that is nuttier than Ron Paul and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is reviving the Gas Price Spike Act, which would put a government board in charge of deciding what prices and profits are “fair” in the oil and gas bidness. Ed Morrissey explains in this article how the two top industries on the Democrat’s “Villain List”, oil and insurance, are not really as profitable as the liberals portray. Imagine that…liberals don’t have any clue on how businesses really operate. On top of that, who gets the most profits from gasoline sales? The federal government taxes gasoline at 18.4 cents per gallon, and diesel fuel at 24.4 cents per gallon. The states pile on with more taxes, averaging 28.6 cents per gallon in 2009, and some local governments get a penny or two as well. In January of 2011, the average tax on gasoline totaled 48.1 cents per gallon, with diesel at 53.1 cents per gallon. Yes, GOVERNMENT gets the most profit on gasoline and diesel, and they don’t have any expenses or perform any work to get that money.

E) Here’s something that hasn’t made it into the main stream media. According to the latest count, Rick Santorum was actually the winner in Iowa, and there are some votes that are still missing. Too bad this message is counter to what the media and the GOP establishment want you to know.

F) Just in case y’all didn’t know what the result would be from years of liberal indoctrination in the schools and liberal city governance, this story will show you the depths to which the mentality of Washington, DC, has fallen. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

G) Once again, while the Democrats and Eric Holder try to say that voter ID laws are raaaaacist and that voter fraud never happens, we have more evidence that voter fraud is a standard practice for the Democrats in Noo Yawk state. A leader of the Mississippi NAACP was convicted on voter fraud charges last year. Even Barack Obama’s own semi-home state of Corruptionois provides even more evidence, with sixteen counties having more registered voters than they have living voting age residents. Of course, we have always known that Illinois cemeteries are full of loyal Democrat voters.

H) Newsweek magazine isn’t even attempting to hide their bias now. Their cover story in the latest issue is written by Andrew Sullivan, the guy who tried for months to develop evidence for his smears against Sarah Palin, such as Trig being Bristol’s baby instead of Sarah’s. The title of his newest article, according to the mag’s cover, is “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?” No wonder Newsweek was recently sold by the left wing Washington Post at a ridiculously low price of ONE DOLLAR. Then again, the buyer is the husband of Representative Jane Harmon (Donkey-California). This means that Newsweek is now the official “news magazine” (aka propaganda arm) of the Congressional Democrats.

I) The Keystone Pipeline is going to be killed. Hitlery! and her cabal in the State Department are recommending against it, even though the most recent legislation concerning the pipeline mandates that only Obama can make the decision…but since when do Democrats care what laws actually say. So Obama and the leadership of his party are going to listen to the environmental extremists instead of providing jobs and energy capacity for America. The Democrats are blaming Republicans, saying there haven’t been enough environmental studies to allow the project to continue on such short notice, even though they have had over three years to study it. They say the studies can’t be completed until after the election. It figures that Hitlery! would be involved, since it was her Administration that gave China military secrets and missile guidance technology in exchange for campaign donations. Why shouldn’t she be in favor of the Canadians routing the pipeline to west coast terminals owned by China?

J) President Obama concurred with the State Department and killed the pipeline, then had the audacity to say that extended unemployment benefits would provide more jobs than the pipeline. Huh? Keeping people unemployed provides more jobs than a project that the low-ball estimates say would create 200,000+ jobs? That echoes what Red Nanny P-Lousy has repeatedly said, which means it must be the official policy of the Democratic Party that the American people are so stooooopid as to believe that illogical nonsense.

K) Not only does the nonsense of keeping people unemployed as a job creation measure not make any sense, it is directly contrasted by the President’s own jobs council, which this week called for MORE oil pipeline construction and MORE drilling in order to spur job creation. The council notes that these are the positions of the House GOP, but that the Senate Democrats and President Obama have been blocking them.

L) The Obama Administration took another swipe at the American jobs market when they gave a billion dollar contract for Air Force light support aircraft to a Brazilian company with connections to China, George Soros, and Iran. The company that did NOT get the contract is the American company of Hawker-Beechcraft.

M) Microsoft is developing an app for smart phones, and this app has the NAACP’s knickers in a twist. The app would help drivers and pedestrians avoid high crime areas of cities. Since the black areas of all major cities are also the high crime areas, this is seen by the race pimps as raaaaacist. The Dallas NAACP leader will be “up in arms” if this app goes online, and is upset that it will guide people away from MLK Blvd. Well, since MLK Blvd in every city happens to be in a high crime area, the proper response would be for the NAACP to clean up their own neighborhoods!

N) The PC Police are at it again regarding school mascots. Over the past two decades innocuous names such as the Marquette Warriors have been changed because they were racially insensitive, even if they weren’t (all current and former members of the US military are WARRIORS!). Now comes another reason to nix a name. A Utah school board polled the future students of a high school that would be opening soon. The winning mascot name was “Cougars”, but the school board said that “Cougars” would be insensitive to women since that is also a term for a middle-aged woman who is sexually aggressive toward younger men. How many of those middle-aged women would be students? None, so there is no problem.

“[A] wise and frugal government … shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.” –Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 1801

The Constitution of the United States

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Retired Navy Aviation Electronics Technician Husband of a Sailor Dad of two I, The Crawfish, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
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9 Responses to 1-21-2012 The Weekend Claw

  1. pepperhawk says:

    I’ve read all the stories you posted and of course the gangster government has been up to its’ usual shenanigans.

    Here is one for you about the ballot challenge in Georgia: A Georgia judge has refused a demand from Barack Obama to quash a subpoena to appear at a series of administration hearings Jan. 26 at which residents of the state are challenging, as allowed under a state law, his name on the 2012 presidential ballot.

    “Defendant argues that ‘if enforced, [the subpoena] requires him to interrupt duties as president of the United States’ to attend a hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. However, defendant fails to provide any legal authority to support his motion to quash the subpoena to attend,” he wrote in his order, released today.

    LOL! Interrupts what? The Zero’s golf game? Another vacation? Another fund raising dinner at $38,000 a plate? Give me a break.

    I believe that although the Georgian judge has ruled that Obama needs to be there for this hearing the Dictator will ignore the subpoena and once again be in contempt of court. What does he care? He believes himself to be above the law. So that is my guess on that one.

    • I saw that and had the same response. He might have to keep off of the golf course at Andrews AFB for a day.

      He will get a higher court to quash it, even if it is not in their jurisdiction.

  2. Mrs. AL says:

    F. As a Virginian I have more than a few sarcastic one-liners rolling around in my head. I will let your imagination take over as I need to go get ready for feetsball – hehe

    • Mrs. AL,
      Clyde beat you to it at my other site. He nailed it with this answer: “Moonbattery at it’s finest. However,I don’t believe identifying rat families will be that hard this election season. They will be the ones to have the ‘Yes We Can’ signs in front of their ‘homes’.”

  3. Kimberly says:

    I know your new blog comes out tomorrow but I read half of this Wednesday and meant to comment. Skipping to:
    B – They did similar things in Braveheart… This is WAR! When do we start the etiquette classes for military? Must go along with don’t ask don’t tell. 😦
    C – Maybe he is being Paid for the info. Someone has to pay for Michelle’s Lavish wardrobe and penchant for Posh vacations. Especially once he is POTUS!
    D – Don’t get me started on what is and isn’t fair!
    E – Santorum was the winner of last night’s debate also!
    F – Maybe all those who will now be “required” to graduate from HS will get their PETS control license. Yes, I spelled that correctly.
    G – Voter fraud is everywhere, Amazing how many dead people keep on voting!
    H – no comment
    I – Our pres has really made us less dependent on foreign oil, hasn’t he?!
    J – That doesn’t even make sense? More federal workers to keep up w/Unemployment?!
    K – Let’s create a program to make it look like they are doing something when everything will just be shelved by the liberals in office. All talk and no substance!
    L – Hawker/Beechcraft and Boeing have really made a dent in the Wichita, KS area. Another blow to home based jobs! Stop Outsourcing!!
    M – Clean up is exactly what I was going to say.
    N – Go Wimps!! just doesn’t seem to have the same ring as Cougars!

    • Kimberly says:

      ^C – I meant when he is NOT potus!

    • Kimberly,
      I need to get back to posting on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays. Maybe I’ll get to it this week, starting it off with some Ron Paul stories I’ve been stocking up on.
      B) Do we want to play nice-nice, or do we want our warriors to have a savage streak?
      C) He will get some nice “speaking fees” and “investments” when he departs the pattern.
      D) As if THEY have a clue….
      E) The debates are starting to degenerate into personal attacks instead of policy and real issue discussions.
      F) I think it comes with their “Yes We Can” indoctrination.
      G) But according to Debbie the Ditz, Dingy Harry, Turban Durbin, and Holder…it NEVER happens and voter ID laws are only to disenfranchise blacks (who have to show ID to get their welfare checks anyway).
      H) Awwww, c’mon. That one is a softball for commentary!
      I) Paying back his muslim allies every day.
      J) Of course it doesn’t make sense. NOTHING the left proposes makes any sense when properly examined.
      K) Lies, upon lies, upon…
      L) How does he have such union support when all of his decisions hurt the unions (except SEIU and government unions)????
      M) That might require them to WORK and stand up to the druggies.
      N) Gimme a W, gimme a U, gimme an S, gimme another S, gimme an I, gimme an E, gimme another S. What’s that spell? WUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good Al says:

    In regards to subject “N,” my suggestion for their mascot is the Mighty Eunuchs!

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