Gathering of Eagles III, Washington, DC 9-15-2007

Here are 3 reports I posted at my old Townhall blog regarding the 2007 Gathering of Eagles III rally in DC and our counter protest against Code Pink.

For the 3rd edition of The Gathering Of Eagles in Washington, DC, on 15 SEP, 2007, The Swamp sent your intrepid reporter, The Crawfish, and his pair of bodyguard-agitators (known this day as The Eaglets) to check out the scene and report on the goings on.  In part 1 of his report, The Crawfish recounts his interviews with some of the moonbats who marched from Lafayette Park to the Capitol.

The first interviewee was carrying a sign that called for President Bush to be tried for war crimes.
Traitors1.jpg picture by chcrawfish

The Crawfish: “Excuse me, but what war crimes are you referring to?  Can you name one?”
Moonbat 1: “Bush lied and thousands died!”
The Crawfish: “But what about war crimes?  Can you name any for my research?”
Moonbat 1: shrugs his shoulders and walks away

Okay, that one didn’t work out too well.  Let’s try to interview one that’s not walking in the middle of the street.
The Crawfish: “Ya know, these people would probably have been walking here and protesting in 1943, saying that Hitler never attacked us, so everything we’re doing in Europe is horrible.”
Moonbat 2: “Actually, I’m on their side.”
The Crawfish: “So you think the Iraq war is illegal and unjustified?”
Moonbat 2: “Of course!”
The Crawfish: “Do you believe that the US should uphold international law, treaties made between nations, and UN Resolutions?”
Moonbat 2: “Of course!”
The Crawfish: “In 1991, when Desert Storm ended, Saddam’s government signed a ceasefire treaty with specific terms.  Correct?”
Moonbat 2: “Yes”
The Crawfish: “The terms of that ceasefire were later codified into international law by the UN, correct?”
Moonbat 2: “uh…I think so.”
The Crawfish: “Saddam’s government broke the terms of that ceasefire a bunch of times in the mid-90s, correct?  I mean that’s what Bill Clinton said was the reason he launched cruise missiles at Iraqi targets a few times, right?”
Moonbat 2: “Yes, I remember that!”
The Crawfish: “The terms of the ceasefire said that in case of Saddam’s government violating the ceasefire, the Desert Strom Coalition was OBLIGED to reform and return to hostilities, removing Saddam’s government from power, so Bill Clinton should have done so in the 90s.  George Bush was just upholding international law when he invaded in 2003.”
Moonbat 2: “I….uh….”
A this point, I believe the gerbil stopped running in his wheel.  The eyes were a bit unfocused.  Was that “Buzz…click…does not compute….rebooting now..sputter, sputter” that I heard?  Returning back to the present time….
Moonbat 2: “BUT BUSH LIED!!!!!”

I was going to try to interview the next bunch, but decided that they were too far gone to be of use in my research.

Moonbatsprovetheirstupidity.jpg picture by chcrawfish

So, after a long day of info gathering, not to mention fighting traffic and construction sites on I-95, The Eaglets and I went home to file our reports.

ProudEagletsreturntotheirnest.jpg picture by chcrawfish

The Swamp’s intrepid reporter, The Crawfish, continues his report on the 15 September Gathering Of Eagles 3 rally and The March Of The Moonbats.

The Eaglets and I arrived at the National Mall just after nine AM.  The first stop was the field offices of A.N.S.W.E.R. and Cindy She-hag’s DC office….the Eaglets needed to use the port-a-pots.

At the rally site, the crowd was starting to build.  We were handed American flags and offered signs to wave.  The Eaglets opted for “Peace Through Strength!” and “Win The War Or Lose To Jihad!”  We made our encampment at the back of the crowd (chairs, snacks, backpacks, small cooler with drinks and lunch, camera), and settled in for the festivities.  Soon into the rally, we were greeted by a female asking if I was the Constitutional Crawfish.  My cover blown, I gladly introduced my bodyguards.

EagletsandaTHfriend.jpg picture by chcrawfish

The moonbats later in the day thought they had some good signs, but they were lame when compared to some of the patriot signs.

CodePinkPULLOUT.jpg picture by chcrawfish
Cheisdead.jpg picture by chcrawfish

There were many very good speakers, especially injured vets and the Gold Star Mothers and Blue Star Mothers.  Chris Hill of the Gathering Of Eagles was fantastic.  Surprisingly enough, only one elected official joined us.  That was Army vet, son of a Marine, and father of a MarineRepresentative Duncan Hunter.

DuncanHunteratGOE3.jpg picture by chcrawfish

The sea of flags and patriotic attire was breathtaking.  Instead of clapping and cheering for great statements, the crowd chanted “U-S-A, U-S-A!”  I’m sure they could be heard all the way over at Lafayette Park, where the traitors convention was going on.  The crowd kept growing as the appointed hour, or “AKT” as some called it approached.  Did the moonbats have folks as proud of their country as those gathered here?  I doubt it!

MoonbatExterminators.jpg picture by chcrawfish

With folks such as these, and their bretheren around the nation, America can still be in good, loyal, strong hands that are willing to do whatever it takes to protect her.  As Chris Hill said, “I’d spill my own blood to keep these stripes red, and I know many of you would, too!”

Some folks have asked what will happen if the moonbats win, and we pull out.

DC_motivator.jpg picture by chcrawfish

I just hope the folks in charge can understand that.

Stay tuned for Part Three of our story….The March Of The Moonbats!

And now for the third installment of The Swamp’s interpid reporter, The Crawfish, and his excursion to DC on 15 SEP, 2007.

As the rally on the National Mall (which most liberals will be miffed to find has no Starbucks, food court, Bloomingdales, or Abercrombie & Fitch) wound down, the Eagles made their way over to Pennsylvania Avenue to await The March Of The Moonbats.  The moonbats today were being organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R.  If the folks who actually have brains knew who A.N.S.W.E.R. was, they’d probably steer clear of them.

Act Now to Stop War and End Racism — also known as International ANSWER and the ANSWER Coalition — is an UNAmerican protest organization involved in the post-9/11 anti-warmovement.

Formed in the wake of the September 11th attacks, on September 14, 2001, by Ramsey Clark and members of the International Action CenterANSWER was one of the first organizations formed to protest the policies of the Bush administration. Its first major action was a September 29, 2001, “Anti-War, Anti-Racist” political rally and march in Washington, D.C., primarily in protest of the then-impending U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Subsequently the organization has organized rallies drawing crowds in the hundreds of thousands, according to their figures published on their websites. ANSWER characterizes itself as anti-imperialist, and its steering committee consists of socialistsMarxistscivil rightsadvocates, and left-wing progressive organizations from the Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, Filipino, Haitian, and Latin American communities. Many of ANSWER‘s leaders were members of Workers World Party (WWP) at the time of ANSWER’s founding, and are current members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), a Marxist-Leninist organization that formed in 2004.

So…they oppose action against anybody who attacks America and support anybody who opposes the Constitution of the US.  And they wonder why we call them COMMIES.

Anyway…as we were waiting for the big march, which kept on being delayed until their march permit was actually expired (since when does the law mean anything to the left?), the only anti-war bunch we saw was a few members of Code Pink.  They were tossed into the water to see how aggressive the sharks (actually the EAGLES) were.  Well, mostly the Eagles just laughed at their stupidity.  They were saving their efforts for bigger fish.

waitingforCindyShe-hag.jpg picture by chcrawfish

While we waited, we were delighted to see a FIRST CLASS PETTY OFFICER (the same rank as The Crawfish), a Hospital Corpsman, in his dress blues, at the Navy Memorial.  He was there to re-enlist for another 4 years of active duty service.  He had no idea that he was going to have a BIG crowd of boisterous supporters cheering him and his service to our nation. Thank You, Corpsman!

Whatadaytore-rpatNavyMemorial.jpg picture by chcrawfish

One of the brave Eagles had evidently infiltrated moonbat territory and had captured their flag…

Moonbats-theEaglescapturedyourflag.jpg picture by chcrawfish

The traitors finally started marching, and their scent was picked up immediately by all of the folks in front of the Navy Memorial.  After all, it wasn’t yet time for their quarterly baths.

It was a really broad based group marching down the street.  There was Code Pink advocating immediate surrender of the entire world to Islam.  There were fake veterans marching with upside down flags.  Some moonbats carried flags of the arab militant troublemakers that call themselves ‘Palestinians’.  Anarchists and marxist-leninist socialists, who should be enemies, but since they are too uneducated to really understand the systems they are supporting, marched side-by-side.  It was so disjointed that even the FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL idiots were part of the parade (what does supporting a very-guilty cop killer who should have been executed years ago have to do with opposing the defense of freedom???).   Occaisionally, one would actually stop and listen to a question from the Eagles…usually about why they were carrying such rediculous signs.  The most intelligent response the Eagles ever got from a moonbat was, “Bush LIED!!!!!”

The media showed it’s true colors this day.  At the GOE 3 rally, the only TV cameras The Crawfish saw were those of C-SPAN and a Japanese network, and I saw very few other reporters taking notes or making sound recordings.  During The March Of The Moonbats, there was loads of camera crews following marchers.  There was even a 5-ton stake truck with it’s bed PACKED with camera and sound crews in the middle of the parade (how they managed to be there without many cans of Lysol is beyond me).  Believe me, there’s no such thing as a left-leaning media…just like Hitlery! has never taken an illegal Chinese campaign donation.

As the moonbats made their way to the Capitol Building, the Eaglets and I decided that we had enough material to file our reports, so we headed back to the Metro so we could get in our gas-guzzling SUV and go home.  We didn’t need to see the die-in that the moonbats were about to perform.  We knew WAY too many folks who would be willing to help them have a REAL die-in.

never_forget.jpg picture by chcrawfish

The Swamp wishes to thank The Crawfish and the Eaglets for their report and for their bravery in facing the moonbats.


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